Here Are The 7 Celebrities People From Around The World Want To Sleep With The Most

We’ve all fantasized about spending a night with our favorite celebrities, right? There is no chance, of course, for it to happen but we can at least do the deed in our dreams. Now, we can know the celebrities people from around the world want to sleep with the most!

SleepCupid did a survey and asked 6,000 people from around the world which celebrities they want to sleep with the most. The poll didn’t just cover the people living in one country but covered various countries. The poll included people from United States, the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

So, let’s see which celebrities rank on top of the list with the maximum number of people from around the world thinking of sleeping with them!


sleep with celebrities usa
Via SleepCupid


sleep with celebrities uk
Via SleepCupid


sleep with celebrities canada
Via SleepCupid


sleep with celebrities europe
Via SleepCupid


sleep with celebrities australia
Via SleepCupid


sleep with celebrities brazil
Via SleepCupid

New Zealand

sleep with celebrities new zealand
Via SleepCupid

Which celebrity do you want to sleep with?

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