The Hottest Nicki Minaj Photos on Instagram You May Have Missed

Here is a series of the hottest Nicki Minaj photos she posted on her Instagram page! The rap artists is known for flaunting her super curvy figure, her bold cleavage and her signature bum and has become one of the most desirable women on the planet.

The curvy bombshell is undoubtedly one of the best rap artists in the industry, always being on the top positions on the music charts, but is way more than just a rapper. The best thing about Nicki Minaj is that she acknowledges her hot figure and doesn’t shy away from flaunting it in front of her fans. We love her for that and of course, her songs are amazing. It’s not always that she shares a nude photo of herself, because you will always see her dressed in elegant outfits or sexy bikinis, and her body is perfectly desirable that she can pull of any attire.

Since, we love the hot rap artist, we have put together a list of the hottest photos of Nicki Minaj that she shared with her followers on Instagram! You can check them out below.

Hottest Nicki Minaj Photos on Instagram

nicki minaj bathroom selfie
Instagram – @nickiminaj
nicki minaj hottest images
Instagram – @nickiminaj
nicki minaj hot photos
Instagram – @nickiminaj
nicki minaj cleavage pics
Instagram – @nickiminaj
nicki minaj bikini photos
Instagram – @nickiminaj
nicki minaj beautiful pictures
Instagram – @nickiminaj

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