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Iskra Lawrence Dancing In A Bikini On The Beach May Make You Fall In Love

Iskra Lawrence is a plus-sized model and has never shied away from accepting the fact that she is beautiful the way she is! We completely agree with her because she looks damn gorgeous, unlike other size zero girls who look like they suffer from anorexia.

What we love about the model, apart from the fact that she is super gorgeous and perfect in every way, is that she doesn’t take bullying lightly. She even slammed the body-shaming trolls by posting a picture of herself covered in packet of crisps. That was super awesome of her!

Recently, she posted an awesome video on her Instagram page where she is dancing in a sexy bikini on the beach. You can watch the video below but be careful as you might fall in love with her!

Iskra Lawrence Dancing in a Bikini

Check out more sexy pics of the curvy model, Iskra Lawrence, while you are here!

A photo posted by Iskra lawrence🦄✨ (@iskra) on

A photo posted by Iskra lawrence🦄✨ (@iskra) on

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