People Share The ‘Worst Sex Advice’ They Have Ever Received And They’re Really Worst

If it is on the Internet, then it’s true! But when it comes to taking sex advice, it’s better to stay off the Internet, otherwise you are going to regret it later, like these people who received the worst sex advice ever and shared them with the world!

When you are getting ready to do it for the first time, it’s natural to be nervous, but don’t go asking for advice to anyone you know, especially your best friends. If you do so, then chances are they will probably give you the worst possible advice.

If you think that we are just joking, then you better have a look at these people who shares the worst sex advice they ever received and some of them are downright foolish and hilarious at the same time. These were originally posted on Reddit and you can go ahead and check out the entire thread to at least learn what not to do when you are really doing it!

people share worst sex advice

What’s The Worst Sex Advice Ever?


“You only become pregnant if you both finish at the same time.”


“One of the famous cosmo ones:

A SHOELACE: Wrap it around the middle of his shaft once, so you have two long ends. Then … pull on the strings, flossing it up and down.”


“Cosmo advice: Take a baseball and when he’s on top, roll it along his spine. The ridges of the baseball will give him a massage while he’s going at it. I think they also said it will increase his orgasm or something…. I think Cosmo writers are either (A) Perpetually drunk or (B) Actually 14 year old girls in a treehouse thinking up this shit.”


“Twist the head”


“Masturbate in front of him using a popsicle and then invite him to fuck your shockingly icy pussy.”


“It’s simple. Just stick it inside her and pee”


“Pull anal beads out like you’re starting a lawnmower.”


If a guy sucks your dick you gotta suck his dick back to un-do the gayness.”


“Cosmo: Find the seam on his balls and give them a pinch, it will make his orgasm that much more mind blowing. 

My ex-girlfriend tried this on me, it made me cry.”


“A mate of mine once told me that putting Deep Heat on you cock and balls worked like Viagra. Apparently that was a piece of advice his father in law had given him, and he hadn’t figured out that it was actually a really painful practical joke.”

And The Absolute GOLD!


“It’s not cheating if its anal.”

Have you ever received such worst sex advice ever?

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