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World’s Sexiest Cop: 19 Photos Of The Gorgeous Samantha Sepulveda From Instagram

Please Arrest Me!

When you talk about New York’s finest, you would never imagine them to be this fine! Meet Samantha Sepulveda who’s dubbed as the hottest cop on the planet and no one is arguing with the statement!

According to NY Post: “She joined the force in 2010. About three years later, a friend who worked for a lingerie and swimsuit company invited her to model in a runway fashion show — and launched her new career.”

Being a cop is tough, and when you look this sexy, all the criminals will be lining up to get themselves arrested just to talk with her. She’s gone on to become famous all around the world, and rightly so, and that’s the reason why we want to share the hottest pictures of the “World’s Sexiest Cop”.

Hottest Samantha Sepulveda Photos

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Here’s the interview of Samantha Sepulveda that you can check out!

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