Top 10 Sexy and Best Curly Hairstyles for Men in 2017

Do you have curly and wavy hair? Want to know the best hairstyles for curly hair so that you can also look stylish? Then, keep reading!

If you have curly hairs, then you would have often thought of shaving them completely and rocking the bald look! The reason behind this is simple – curly hair can be unruly and harder to style than most of the other hair types. However, shaving them completely is not really a great option as there are many sexy curly hairstyles for men that will change the way you look.

In this article, we made the list of the best curly haircuts for men that can up your style statement! So, check out these best hairstyles for men and let us know what you think.

Top 10 Sexy Curvy Hairstyles for Men in 2017

1. Short Haircut for Curly Hair

short haircut with curly hair
Instagram / @tombaxter_hair

2. Curly Undercut Hairstyle

curly hairstyles undercut

3. Long Curly Fringe Low Fade Haircut

long curly fringe low fade haircut
Instagram / @jackrobinsonpullen

4. Curly Haircuts for Men

curly hairstyles for men

5. Naturally Curly Hairstyle

naturally curly hairstyle

6. Slicked Back Curls

slicked back curls

7. Natural Curly Haircut with Fade

natural curly haircut with fade
Instagram / @tobybarberman

8. Curly Hairstyles with Sharp Fade

curly hairstyles with sharp fade
Instagram / @criztofferson

9. Long Messy Haircut with High Skin Fade

long messy haircut with high skin fade
Instagram / @m13ky

10. Curly Pompadour

curly pompadour
Instagram / @egobarbers

These were some of the best curly haircuts for men in 2017! You can take inspiration from one of these and ask your barber to give you the haircut.

Did you like these curly hairstyles for men? If you did, then don’t forget to share it with your friends so that they too can share it and take advantage of these best hairstyles for curly hair!

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