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21 Strongest Naruto Characters – The 21 Best Shinobi on The Show

12. Killer Bee

Killer Bee, the rap-loving ninja, showed ultimate ninja skills to become the partner of A (Fourth Raikage) and then became the host of Gyuuki, the Eight Tails. Apart from being the master swordsman with his unique sword-style and lightning techniques, he is also in complete sync with his Tailed beast allowing him to transform easily and use the destructive powers without any issues.

killer bee

11. A (Third Raikage)

When you are making a list of the most powerful Naruto characters, you have to include the Third Raikage who was so strong that the only wound on his body was self-inflicted! The Third Raikage was the father of the Fourth Raikage and was strong enough to go up against the Eight Tails on his own without being defeated. He even took on an army of over ten-thousand shinobi during the Third World War single-handedly and fought for 3 consecutive days and nights allowing his comrades to escape to safety. He later died from exhaustion which gives you a pretty good idea as how strong he was.

a third raikage

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