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Cars 3 Full Trailer is Out – Watch The New Trailer of the Movie (2017)

Disney/Pixar has released the brand-new trailer for Cars 3!

A full trailer of Pixar’s upcoming Cars 3 is out now and you can watch it below! The trailer gives us the story of the movie and shows us what to expect when we watch the movie on the big screens. So, check out the brand new trailer of the Disney/Pixar’s upcoming movie!

Watch Cars 3 Full Trailer!

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This is the first trailer released for the movie as the one that was released back in November was just a teaser. You can watch the Cars 3 teaser trailer below!

The story follows Lightning McQueen as he’s pushed by Jackson Storm, the newcomer on the racing circuit, and how will Lightning McQueen respond to it and make a comeback on the track!

Are You Excited for Cars 3?

cars 3 full trailer

Cars 3 is currently slated the hit the screens in June 2017.

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